It is Gluten Free? Yes (however there could be traces)

It is dairy free? Yes (however there could be traces)

It is nut free? No

Are there vegan or vegetarian meal plans? Not yet. We do plan to have vegetarian and vegan soon. We do cater dine and takeaway vegan & vegetarian meals at our Stepney eatery.

When will I receive my order? Everything will be delivered by midday on Monday

Do I need to be home?  It is best if you are to get the food in the fridge asap. However -as long as there is somewhere safe for us to leave the goods the food will be ok for 4 -5 hours. Your meals will be left in an esky.

When do I need to order by? Midday, Sunday.

What if I cannot eat the food that day, for example I have to go away for work? Our meals last 7 days fresh and 2 months frozen. We you just eat that meal on another day like Saturday or Sunday. Just remember to freeze if you don't consume in 7 days.

How does the food come? The meals are packed separately in cryvac bags, then put in biodegradable boxes and delivered in eskys. The cryvac bags must be disposed of in the general waste. The biodegradable boxes are microwave and oven safe - you can throw them out in the general waste or your green bin if you remove the stickers. If you do not use the boxes we can collect them along with your esky - just leave out for collection.

How do I heat it up? There are cooking instructions with each meal. You can use a microwave, stovetop or oven. Please note you cannot heat in the cryvac bag in the microwave as it will melt. You can heat in the bags in water on the stove (sous-vide)… no dishes!

Can I freeze it? Yes absolutely. For up to 2 months.

Can I recycle the packaging Yes! If you leave the esky out we will collect the next week. If you have not soiled the biodegradable boxes then you can return those too - inside the esky. Or you can drop them back at our cafe and get a free coffee!

What if I don't like something? If you would like to sub one meal out and swap it for something else this is fine - but please let us know by Wednesday. You can email who will be in touch with another option for you.

Any other questions? We're here to help!
Email or, call or text Katie on 0430 659 158