Is your healthy choice actually healthful?

 image via sumo salad

image via sumo salad

I have always wondered whether we would be in this obesity epidemic if healthier food was just as available as junk food. Australian’s are busy people. We have less time to spend in the kitchen preparing our food to take with us to work. Most of us, myself included, have to buy at least one meal a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love those weeks where I can stroll around a farmer's market and then go home and lovingly prepare food for the week ahead…but let’s be honest, that happened twice in 2015! 

When the health trend began to pick up, I was at first relieved to see new healthier offerings like salad bars, juice bars, sushi, etc. But in reality these guys are not really much better. Generally speaking, they still use most of the same ingredients as what is found in junk foods; factory farmed meats, dressings made with cheap and nasty vegetable oils and secret lashings of sugar. 

Sometimes when I'm in a hurry, it's tempting to grab something that looks fresh and simple like a salad from Soonta or Sumo Salad, but when I look closer at the nutritional information, I soon realise it's not worth it! With most having over 3 teaspoons of sugar per serve, and a dressing made from cheap oils...No thank you! I value my long-term health more than munching on junk food in disguise everyday.

I started to wonder why is it so hard just to have real food available at a reasonable price? Why can’t I go somewhere and order simple, local, real food that doesn’t cost a fortune but is fast. Healthy fast food. While I was thinking this so was my now business partner Tina Phillips. And The Nourish’d Kitchen was born! We think our community deserves a chance to make good food choices. We know everyone is time poor and needs to buy convenient food, but why should the only option be processed foods? One of our biggest commitments with our business was to make sure our we’d be able to get healthy food to our customers, fast. But of course, if you can’t make it in to our cafe, we offer delivery as well. We understand how hectic life is - but to live it well and for a long time, you can’t just eat junk.

How do you get around the limited food choices out there?

Katie. X